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Full Version: RuneScape - Nerfing hunter exp is to advice key sales
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Jagex has been absolution added and added op promotions afresh so it's accessible they ambition to accomplish added cheap runescape gold money through promos.When did anyone accuse about hunter exp accepting too high? If did jagex say it an issue? Never. Its just about an affair now?

"Base hunter is 1.2mil, you can see why that's a problem". Why is that a problem? I can say the sky is blue, does that beggarly the sky accepting dejected is a problem? How is it a problem? Jagex bootless to explain besides just adage "it's too high". How so? Con can calmly be 1-1.2mil hour, action can be 1mil+ hour, why hunter?

If it was an affair aback crystalizing traps, afresh why was it never an affair for the accomplished few years that was never talked about? Anybody and their mother fabricated videos assuming how "overpowered" and top the exp is with the new spell, yet not a individual animadversion from jagex and players were just adequate an advised mechanic.

It wasn't advised because you didn't do able hunting? Added like no one at jagex even tests their things appropriately and don't own mains that actively play the bold and apprehend annoying issues and what's fun. If it was fix'd appropriate abroad when all the abstracts is there, afresh I wouldn't apperception it accepting nerfed. But it abiding that continued agency it was advised and you are abandoned accomplishing this to admission profits.

So in all, adequate job nerfing hunter artlessly because of absent your key sales to go up. It's so simple to apprehend that and anyone that defends them and acts like it's for any added acumen are artlessly arresting jagex because "why would a aggregation lie" if companies are all about commercialism and they don't affliction about what you affliction about RuneScape gold, abandoned profits.

Instead of accomplishing changes like grimoire pages/mahjarrat ambience accepting re-released, you accomplish a blog about this, something NO ONE wanted.

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