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Full Version: Best gaming laptop brands of 2017
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Alienware 17 is the best laptop for gaming. Which cost you near about thousand dollars.

Strong gaming performence and long battery life on cheaper model. Color full sharp HD display.

CPU 2.9-GHz Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU
Operating System Windows 10 Home
RAM Upgradable to 32GB
Hard Drive Size 1 TB

The best gaming laptop brans list
  1. Alienware/Dell
  2. MSI
  3. RAZER
  4. ASUS
  5. ACER
  7. AORUS
  9. HP
Hi there, What are your suggestions about dell gaming laptops? I like to play games with my friend and I have also upgraded my PC with win 10, 4gb graphics, 8gb RAM, 1TB HDD. Planning to the division Kaufen online. It is a good configuration for playing high resolution games?
Dell laptops are long lasting, research seemed to show that even the lower models stay long.
Smooth internet browsing.

You have upgraded already to play, looks fine everything there.