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Full Version: Casino PC Games
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The only PC games I might play would be video poker ones.  Note, they can usually be bought fairly cheap for around 10 dollars.  However, I doubt if they simulate real video poker - cause if they did then casinos would lose thousands to people trained on their home computer.  Smile   

Anyway, what is your favorite PC casino game?  I haven't tried other ones, but I bet they are fun, with the exception of slots.  Slots don't seem to have a strategy.  What is the strategy? Huh
I haven't played a video poker game on my computer. I think you might be on to something though. They probably don't simulate real video poker because too many people would be able to cheat the casinos out of their money. However, if you wanted to play something like that without having to worry about loosing your money, that would be the way to go.