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Full Version: Chip Master: legit or scam
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Chip Master is a brain training game where you match the same colored and numbered chips together. Merging game similar to others where two similar items are merged and upgraded to another one.

Chips are numbered from 1 to 7 and the final is a special chip. Here you try to put all the similar numbered chips in a group and then hit one of them.

The developer/owner is Win Win easygame2020, categorized in a casual game.

How do you earn cash?
Basically, you get rewards by watching ads. That's all you have to do.

What are the ways to earn?
Yes, they have different ways to reward the players, but all those are just another way to the same.

You just watch ads whatever the way you want to get rewards.

Play game: Watch ads - Get rewards (Amazon/Paypal).
Lucky draw: Watch ads - Get rewards points and increase the chance to win the prizes.

Prizes to be won
  • Daily login bonus
  • Merge the chips
  • Win iPhone Draw
  • Lucky Draw (contains some gadgets)
  • Amazon Cards
  • PayPal Cards
You start getting a higher amount in the initial time and then it became $1-$2 for watching a video. In a day you reach $1000 Amazon and PayPal card reward.

Now the withdrawal part starts. The minimum withdrawal amount or reward card for both Amazon and PayPal are $300, $500 and $1000 (remember these are just virtual credit, not real money).

Then you are asked to complete the requirements to get rewards. And there you lose all your hope and some people get frustrated and leave the app.

The game is designed to show you ads and it will ask you to watch the ads to complete the withdrawal process. Like, complete the 20 videos to get the review process and then you get a sudden notice that your activity is abnormal and requires system review so watch another set of videos. Then the daily limit reaches for sending you the reward. And finally, you get to know you are getting the $10 and require you all the previous steps again to get the reward.