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Welcome to gpway
Welcome to G P WAY - Gamer's World

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Here one can share their gaming
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How to solve tiny spy mission
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh1jnd25Yyc]

This is the solution of Tiny Spy (find the object) mission 30 game.
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How to use old account after reinstalling dead target mobile game?
Dead Target for mobile game.

Looking to get old rank after reinstalling/resetting of phone..?

Dead target let users to save data on social media so you wont loss all achievements. You need to login with google account and save all data using Settings>>synchronize

If you never played game using social account then you need to achieve all ranks from beginning, so in future you think you would like to reinstall it again do save you data on cloud.
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List of some free online game website
Here is list of few online games you would like to play for FREE!
People love gaming and there are game one can play online without purchasing.

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How to solve river crossing iq game
River crossing IQ puzzle game is one of the most searchable game every day, as the survey says.
People love to play this game.

How to solve the first level of River Crossing IQ game..
1st level is easy you can try it yourself and get to know this game has really a good puzzle game where most of people had negative review on google play store when they find themselves unable to find solution.

First level, where you can try taking wolf/sheep/cabbage one by one because there is no much opti
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How to login with social network site?
How to use social network site to save all gaming data?
How to login with google/facebook...?
How to retrieve data?

EveryTown farming game

Playing EveryTown game allow you to save your progress on SNS server like facebook and google.
If you saved your data and want to retrieve it or just started playing and wanna save so you get back it anytime. Especially when you reset your phone and reinstall the game.

Watch video here
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Move one match to make a square
Solve this old matchstick puzzle.

You have to move only one match to make a square.

Four matchsticks here which form plus sign. You have to move one match to make a square.

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Move two matchsticks to make this equation true
Old matchsticks puzzle.

Move two matchsticks to make this equation true.

As the image shows 1 + 4 = 6 which is not correct. So you have to make it correct by moving two matchsticks.
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Add two matchsticks to make this equation true
Old matchstick puzzle.

How do you make this equation true? As it shows 3 - 0 = 5.

You have to solve this by adding only two more matchsticks.