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Get more mekorama levels free
Mobile puzzle game MEKORAMA, where you help tiny robot stumble home.

This puzzle game is free with payment option - what you want.
Free levels can be downloaded by simple scanning QR code, which can be found on their community site and friends.

Mekorama is available for phones and tablets with iOS 6.0 or Android 2.3.3 or later.

It has 50 free levels and payment option if you like the game. These levels are not impossible to clear, you will enjoy playing it.
It gives you the ability
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WOW's subscriptions have more than doubled since the release
Since the release of WOW Classic, the subscription of World of Warcraft has doubled. That is really a good news for Blizzard. So, let's see it in details in this short article.

It is still early, but at this stage it seems like people who gamble on its durability will come out on top. Activision stated during the Q4 financial demonstration that World of Warcraft’s”active participant community” in the conclusion of 2019, described as gamers with yearly or more subscriptions, was double what it