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When do you play game? - johnthan - 11-18-2016

What is best time you play games on mobile/PC?
Is it free time or stress or some other reason you just play games..

RE: When do you play game? - Sikka - 02-23-2017

I mostly game when I have free time or I am bored. I'll go through fazes of playing games almost not stop to not playing them at all. I'm like that with everything really Tongue

RE: When do you play game? - johnthan - 02-25-2017

I play video games in free time. Some of the games I play to experience them after recommending by others like Call Of Duty. I do not play this game but I would like to...
I do not play game son PC but android games and sometimes to test only.

RE: When do you play game? - jyy - 05-16-2017

I normally will go through a phase where I will play a lot, while the rest of the time I will avoid it.  For instance, a few months ago, I was trying to beat this certain boss on Super Mario Galaxy II, so I would play it for hours at a time.   Anyway, this phase thing is also true with playing musical instruments, going to the gym, or doing certain projects.

RE: When do you play game? - percyhaggins - 07-31-2017

I like to play games on PC.