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Now, back to the guide - leveling cooking is tedious. Anyone who levels up any profession, should always optimize their leveling speed. And by optimize, we mean - use as little resources as possible to efficiently level up and at the same time keep up a good pace. And since you need to buy wow classic gold cheap actually cook to gain some cooking profession levels, you should know what you should craft, which ingredients you will need, how to actually get them, and how many of them you will have to use.

Level 1 - Level 35

34 x Mon’Dazi

10 Wild Flour

5 Foosaka

2 Aromatic Fish Oil

4 Powdered Sugar

Rank 1 dish. Quite easy to make. All it takes is some reagents that you can purchase off vendors, and Aromatic Fish Oil that you can get from any fish. You will have to need some kind of fish income, be it on the Auction House or by Fishing. Truth is, if you want to get into cooking seriously, Fishing will be a major addition to your professions. Aromatic Fish Oil can be extracted from any fish, simply right-click the fish in your inventory, and you will get it.

Ultimately, to level up to Level 35, you will need to cook about 34 x Mon’Dazi. For that you will need about 340 Wild Flour, 170 Foosaka, 68 Aromatic Wish Oil, and 136 Powdered Sugar. Create those up until Level 35 and you will be ready to proceed to the next step.

Level 35 - Level 50

15 x Kul Tiramisu

10 Wild Flour

5 Foosaka

2 Aromatic Fish Oil

5 Major’s Frothy Coffee

This is a Rank 2 recipe, and you will be able to learn it from your Cooking Trainer. Same idea as the previous recipe, some reagents that can be purchased from NPCs, and some Aromatic Fish Oil. You don’t have to learn this exact dish, you can pick any Rank 2 Dessert from your training NPC and you’ll be good to go.Create about 15 of them. As long as you hit Level 50, you are good to go. Let’s proceed to the next step.

Level 50 - Level 75

25 x Seasoned Loins

10 Stringy Loins

5 Foosaka

Your standard “Rank 2 reagent + something you have to work for” combo. It’s the first leveling recipe that you will have to work for slightly harder if you don’t have the sufficient gold. This is because you will have to grind for them if they are not on the market. Thankfully, Stringy Loins drop from a multitude of mobs around the World of Warcraft, and you can easily purchase it off marketplace from other players.

In theory, you can keep doing a previous dish - Kul Tiramisu - up to a level 75. But your decision should be dependant on the market, prices of reagents that can’t be bought from NPC Vendors, and on the accessibility of ingredients. For example, if it’s easier for you (or cheaper) to get a large package of Aromatic Fish Oil, and Stringy Loins are simply too expensive, you should absolutely consider spamming Kul Tiramisu up to Level 75.And if you would like to create something different, you might also consider cooking one of these dishes up to Level 75:

25 x Honey-Glazed Haunches

10 Meaty Haunch

5 Choral Honey

25 x Sailor’s Pie

10 Briny Flesh

5 Wild Flour

4 Foosaka

4 Fresh Potato

If these two Rank 2 recipes appear to be much cheaper than Seasoned Loins - craft these instead. The choice is yours.

Level 75 - Level 140

This one is the longest and possibly the most boring bracket, as you will cook the same three things that you’ve used to level up to Level 75 Cooking. You will craft Sailor’s Pie, Honey-Glazed Haunches, and Seasoned Loin all over again. You will need a lot of materials to get to level 140. It takes 120 of one of these recipes to hit 140, and sometimes - you will need even more as you can get really unlucky with leveling professions in WoW. Especially when you really want to reach it as fast as possible.You can also to try and learn Rank 3 recipes of these 3 dishes. This way, you will be able to reliably reach level 150, and then - it will be just 25 more levels to go.

Level 140 - Level 175

Final bracket of your cooking journey and the beginning of cooking some serious cuisine that will be used by many people during raids and other more demanding parts of WoW’s content. Road to 175 is simple, as you will most likely cook one dish.

40 x Abyssal-Fried Rissole

8 Moist Fillet

3 Foosaka

5 Wild Flour

While you will need to create only about 40 of them, there’s a slight catch. First, you will need to create a bunch of Rank 1: Abyssal-Fried Rissole, to then switch to Rank 2 of this dish when you reach Level 155. And then - it’s a straight road towards max level 175.

To create these dishes you will also need to meet a special NPC from Nazjatar. Depending on your faction, you will have to meet Instructor Ulooaka (Alliance), or Rolm (Horde). And to get to meet them properly and learn the recipes, you will have to do some entry quests in Nazjatar.

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Desert Treasure is a master level quest, with an official length of very long. The Ancient Magicks spellbook is unlocked on completion of this quest. If you have a high magic level, and the protection spells this quest is relatively easy. It is focussed around 4 bosses which each have unique mechanics and weakness', they can be defeated in any order after the first part of the quest is completed. When you defeat each boss you will receive a diamond, you need all 4 diamonds to enter the final pyramid to complete the quest.


The following skill levels are required: 53 thieving, 50 firemaking, 10 slayer (unless you have the gas mask from the Plague City quest) and 50 magic. Only slayer and firemaking levels may be boosted. 43 Prayer is required to make this quest much easier, without it the boss fights can become very complex and may involve needing help from other players.You must have completed the following quests: The Dig Site, Druidic Ritual, Temple of Ikov, The Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, Priest in Peril and Waterfall Quest.

There are many items required for each part of the quest you can either get it all ready now or between each boss as you progress through the quest. This is a list of all items needed for the quest:

12 Magic logs, 6 steel bar, 6 molten glass, ashes, charcoal, a blood rune, bones, chocolate cake, spiked boots, climbing boots (Unless you have the Trollheim Teleport or have completed Eadgar's Ruse then another pair of boots will be needed), garlic, lockpicks (you should bring a few depending on your thieving level), a silver bar, spice (just normal spice, other types will not work), a pestle and mortar, a facemask, slayer helmet or a gas mask, a tinderbox, about 1000+ osrs gp which will include fees for the magic carpet. It's worth knowing that when.

Depending on your skill level/ magic/ combat level some of the following items may be helpful to you, along with some strong recommendations for everyone. High healing food, antidote or antiposions, stamina potions (there is a lot of running in this quest), prayer potions (strongly recommended as many of the boss battles are made much easier with protection spell), super restore potions and ice gloves.

Start of the Quest

Required items: 850 gp, ashes, blood rune, charcoal, bones, 6 molten glass, 12 magic logs, and 6 steel bars.

Recommended items: some waterskins (to protect from heat damage), ring of dueling, stamina potions, 2 shantay passes, antidote or anti-poisons and a digsite teleport.

Once you have your inventory ready head through the shanty pass south of Al-Kharid and travel to the Bedabin Camp using the magic carpet. Talk to the archaeologist when you arrive and once to receive the etchings travel to the dig site, go inside the exam building and talk to the archaeology expert, talk to him twice to receive a translation of the etchings, then return to the archaeologist in Bedabin Camp and give him the translations. Next, remove any “god” items (like zamorak clothing) or you will be attacked, go south to the bandit camp and buy a drink in the pub for 650 gp, then talk to the bartender again, he will tell you about the diamonds of Azzanadra. Go to Elbris afterwards and ask him about the four diamonds, he tells you he needs some items to create the scrying glass. Give him all the required items you bought with you (except the gp). Then head south east to the mirrors on the hill and talk to Elbris there. Now starts the main part of the quest, defeating the 4 bosses and collecting the 4 diamonds. You can defeat the bosses in any order you like.

Ice Diamond

Required items: Chocolate Cake, climbing boots, Trollheim teleport, Spiked boots, food and combat equipment, runes for fire spells (choose the highest fire spell for you magic level), you should also bring many super restore potions, prayer potions and some stamina potions, the area where you fight Kamil is dangerous and will constantly take your health and lower other skill levels.

Starting with the ice diamond, and the boss kamil, which is often considered the hardest boss. Make your way to Trollheim and head north-west, you will find a troll child by a gate, talk to him and then give him some chocolate cake for him to let you through. Once through talk to an ice troll and then you must fight and defeat 5 ice trolls of increasing combat level, using a fire spell is effective here. If you have low health after the battle you can bank and return as the cave entrance to the north that opens will now remain open. Go through the cave entrance and follow the path round, flicking melee protect prayer on and off when wolves are near. You will arrive at an wide opening and Kamil will approach you, using protect from magic initialy will force him to teleport near you, then use protect from melee and manually cast fire spells on him, using super restore, prayer pots and food when needed, Once defeated, follow the path round, equip spiked boots and climb the icy path, go through the gate and then smash the ice which contains the two parents of the ice child. Talk to them and you will receive the ice diamond.

Smoke Diamond

Required Items: 200 gp, tinderbox, facemask, energy/stamina potions, Shantay Pass or gp for it, ice gloves and/or runes for water spells, combat equipment to cast spells and prayer pots for protect from melee.

Make your way to Pollnivneach and making sure you have your facemask equiped enter the smoke dungeon which is located west of the town (make your way around the south side of the mountain then head north to find the entrance). Quickly run to each of the dungeons four corners and light the torch using your tinderbox, you must do this before any other torch goes out. Open the chest in the centre to receive a key then use the key to open the eastern gate where you will face the boss Fareed, fight him using water spells (you must have ice gloves equipped to wield any weapon). Once defeated, take the smoke diamond and leave the dungeon.

Shadow Diamond

Required items: Lockpicks (more the better, especialy if you have a low thieving level, prayer pots, runes for magic attack (unlike other bosses Damis has no weakness to a specific elemental-based spell)

Recommended items: skill necklace to teleport to the fishing guild, amulet of glory to Al-Kharid, shantay pass, antipoisons/ antidotes, good food.

Travel to west of the fishing guild and you will find Rasolo walking around, he will offer you a ring of visibility in exchange for a gilded cross. The ring is needed to enter the shadow dungeon and face the boss Damis. Return to the Bandit Camp with many lockpicks and some anti-poisons (you can bring noted lockpicks and un-note them with the exchange merchant in the town), use the lockpicks on the secure chest in the southern most tent, if you fail you will occasionally be hit with poison. Once opened retrieve the gilded cross and return to Rasolo who will exchange it for the ring of visibility. Once you equip the ring a ladder will appear to your east, go down it and follow the path to the east. Use protect from melee often as there are many monsters down here, eventually you will arrive at Damis, he has three forms and you must defeat all 3 to receive the shadow diamond.

Blood Diamond

Required items: garlic powder (use a pestle and mortar on the garlic), silver bar, spice.

Recommended items: you should also bring some good food for the boss fight and runes for air spell, a few prayer potions and a teleport to Draynor.

Talk to Malak in the Canifis pub. He will agree to give you the blood diamond if you defeat Dessous. Also ask him how to kill him before leaving for Draynor, once there go down the trapdoor just east of the bank next to the jailhouse to enter Draynor sewers, travel north until you find Ruantun and he will make you a silver pot using your items. Next, with the pot travel to Entrana (no weapons or armour are allowed here), enter the church and get your pot blessed. After that return to Malak in Canifis pub, to get the pot filled with blood, which turns out to be your blood, and it will damage you for 5 hp. Add the garlic powder and prepare for battle. Make your way to Morytania graveyard. Use the pot filled with blood on the tomb, when Dessous appears quickly run back behind the fence and safespot him with an air spell, he can't hit with melee attacks so you can just use protect from magic if you have safespotted him correctly. Once defeated return to Malak and receive the blood diamond.

The Pyramid

Required items: All 4 diamonds.

Recommended items: waterskins, anti-poisons, shanty pass, some prayer pots, stamina pots, teleport out of there.

South east of the mirrors (from the first part where you last saw Eblis) you will find a large pyramid and 4 obelisks at each of its corners, place the diamond on their colour-corresponding obelisks, then walk to the top and enter the pyramid. There are four levels of the pyramid each containing a maze and some dangerous, often poisonous enemies inside, you should find a ladder and climb down to the level below, the trick to completing the mazes is to know the direction to run as you end, which from level 1 to 4 are north, east, south and west. When you arrive at the final room in the middle of the fourth maze, speak to Azzanadra who will give you your reward. Congratulations you have now completed the Desert Treasure quest.

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Recently Blizzard officially introduced Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch battlegrounds in WoW Classic, which will be a carnival for PvP fans. These two newly added old-school battlefields will provide players with the most perfect PvP environment, allowing players to play 40vs40 and 10vs10 matches. If you are also interested in this kind of large-scale battle, then you should practice your PvP skills from now on and master them as quickly as possible, because PvP battles are very different from PvE, and your enemies will be as good as you Experienced players.

WoW Classic has launched the honor system as early as November 13. Players can enhance the honor by killing players from rival factions in the wild. This adjustment guides players to shift their attention from PvE games such as dungeons and raids to PvP battles. All players need to do is to continuously improve their honors and ranks, so as to exchange various unique rewards with suppliers.

Blizzard plans to launch the PvP battlefield in 2020 to provide a better ecological environment for PvP players. But shortly after the honor system opened, Blizzard decided to introduce Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch battlegrounds in WoW Classic in advance, because the enthusiasm of the players was too high, and the development team couldn't wait to make the Azeroth continent lively.

In fact, Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch were once opened in the most primitive vanilla World of Warcraft, and those real old players are no strangers to these two battlefields. Of course, many beginners in WoW Classic are the first to hear about this kind of gameplay. Don't worry, keep reading this guide and you will have a richer battlefield knowledge.

The battlefield system is now open, and the Alliance and Horde will compete for victory in Warsong Canyon and Alterac Canyon.

Warsong Gulch is a 10v10 flag capture battle. Both camps tried to bring the other's flag back to their base, while preventing the other from doing so. Warsong Gulch will be divided into 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60 battlefields according to player level.

The Alterac Valley is a large 40v40 battle, with many missions, items, and interesting areas. This epic battle will be open to level 51 players and above and will provide reputation and mission rewards.

The Alliance's Warsong Gulch entrance is located in the Silverwing Woods in Ashenvale, and the Horde entrance is near the Morshan Camp in the Northern Barrens. The entrance to both camps in Alterac Canyon is located north of Hillsbrad Foothills. You can also enter the battlefield by talking to the corresponding battlefield officer in the main city.

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2019 is a record year for RuneScape, with over 1.1 million paying users of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape franchises. There are also other achievements, such as: 8 million mobile version of Old School RuneScape installed, and won the BAFTA of the annual EE mobile game, and the best mobile game of the Develop Stars Awards. The team also aired "a record 11.3 million minutes of rs 3 gold content" on Twitch through RuneFest, a conference for game fans, and raised £ 250,000 for charity. Jagex CEO Phil Mansell said: "Making Jagex the most successful year to date is a record year for Jagex and our RuneScape community." "We have reached an exciting milestone and welcome the game At any time in the past 19 years, has achieved great success in the mobile field, and has seen significant industry talent join our existing team, bringing the future to our life games. We are very happy and we deeply appreciate the dedication of our employees and fans. "This success is only accompanied by the enthusiasm of a large player community, because our talented team has superb craftsmanship and superb technology to enable them to participate in our games. With these efforts, we have been able to develop existing games, new products and more significantly increased investment in a wide range of businesses, with more than 100 new hires in the past 12 months. These include senior leaders from EA, Blizzard, Activision, Ubisoft, Riot and other countries, adding 250 to the Jagex team Years of accumulated gaming industry experience. "From this, it is enough to see the popularity of RuneScape among players. While RuneScape is taking the world by storm, there are also companies like dedicated to providing players with cheap, excellent gaming products.

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Fishing appropriate now is just about affairs out huge angle from the baptize whose sole purpose is to be adapted and eaten. There's actual little abyss above this, and afterwards affable is Fishing basically useless.

Proposed additions to fishing:

# Tiny net fishing

- Irukandji is baby and about airy afraid with acutely aching bite that makes its victims beg for death. Not the deadliest one, but absolutely actual alarming to bolt and handle. This afraid could be acclimated as additive for poisons that affect enemies with debuffs instead of beeline damage.

- Communicable and absolution Goldfish would accord you acting addict that increases allowance of summoning Seren Spirits or communicable caskets

# Whaling could be alien into the bold as BGH spin-off. Instead of Dinosaurs block the player, there would be bang aggravating to escape from the player. It would be high-effort adjustment which yields Oil (Herblore aromatic abject for advanced potions), Bang Basic (for fletching Scrimshaws that are alternatives to PoP scrimshaws) and Baleen (used for fletching bows and/or crafting ranged armors)

There's little agreeable in Firemaking even with contempo accession of Incense sticks. There's about aught acumen to do Firemaking added than for the alarm HP boost.

# Drying would be contemporary accession to Firemaking. The ambition is to dry amoebic actual to bottle it for approaching use. Herbs could be broiled to accomplish them stackable. Broiled herbs would be acclimated in herblore to accomplish "field potions". These potions are abundant added almighty but they acquire to be captivated during the combat. Anticipate of bond potions amid bang-up phases that acquire to be acclimated in next minute or so. Broiled herbs could be aswell acclimated in authoritative Aromatic Cauldrons. These would be intended for accumulation activities such as raids, or even accumulation skilling activities. You would charge to abode cauldron, alpha the fire, accepting capacity in and afresh let it abscess for a while. If it's complete it would act as article that grants healing/prayer/buffs if clicked on by aggregation mates.

# Cauterizing is accession abeyant use for firemaking. If you yield huge hit you could bake the wound, RS gold healing aback allocation of the accident taken. It couldn't be acclimated to alleviate to abounding health, instead it would abandoned restore allocation of health you absent actual recently. It could be aswell acclimated for removing bleeds and healing abridgement on enemies., as a team of highly demanding and skilled gamers, has specialized in offering various kinds of RS products for years, including gold, account, items, power leveling and more with 24 hour online support. In the past years, we have dealt with millions of orders for hundreds and thousands of customers, building a firm customer base. We sincerely thank each of customers for his/her long term support and trust, and we are striving to keep improving our site and our service to repay all of customers, both old and new.
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Ion Hazzikostas recently shared some pretty interesting information about the future of Battle for Azeroth, but also about the upcoming content for Classic, in the latest official video!The Dire Maul dungeon and its three wings for a total of 19 bosses, will arrive on October 16th.Although we don't yet have a date for the other features of Classic Phase 2, the latter is still planned for late 2019, with:

More Realms on a single Layer
Two new World Bosses: Azuregos & Lord Kazzak
The PvP Honor feature
The Dire Maul dungeon

Don’t take or use professions: collecting materials and selling your wares on the auction house takes time. If you’re planning to be a tailor or an enchanter later, just create a level one alt for tradeskill supplies, park them next to a mailbox, and mail them everything relevant in your bags every time you hit town.

Unlike modern WoW, there is no vendor mount in Classic. You’re stuck with what’s in your bags until you find a vendor with whom to sell them. For speed, create a level one trash alt, and every time you hit a town with an inn, mail everything that you don’t immediately need. There will be time to handle all those green items later.

Training new skills almost always requires returning to a major city, and that takes time, even if you’ve learned the flight points. This is when you should be taking a break. Your body will thank you for it, and the flights themselves won’t eat much time out of your leveling.90 percent of leveling quickly is keeping your eyes on the prize and avoiding activities that don’t pay off in experience. If you follow these tips and move on from a zone when the quests go 'green,' you’ll zip to 60. At least by Classic standards.

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As of the last day of August, it is only less one week that World of Warcraft Classic was released, and the number of registered players has already exceeded hundreds of wow classic gold for sale thousands of. This is indeed a magical game, on August 31, one of the unknown players of WOW Classic reached level 60, it is hard to imagine how he did it, let us review it.

In only 3 days and 7 hours, the 22-year-old man named Jokerd became the first one to hit WOW Classic level limit successfully. Before that, he created a gnome mage and used it to complete almost all the challenges.

Before the release, we already knew that the maximum level of the player characters is set to 60 without any expansion, and all the game mechanics of the original version were completely copies, with only minor adjustments.

Jokerd streamed the entire thing on Twitch, and he pulled off the achievement by spamming area of effect attacks on mobs to defeat Method, a worldwide top raiding guild.

He also used a technique called layering at level 58, which was a modern feature to spread players out across instances of a zone to help manage the population.

Although Jokerd has reached level 60, the second and third places are still in competition. After the game, Jokerd received huge valuable rewards and emails from all directions, many players want to learn more about WOW Classic from his experience.

Undoubtedly, each player is the first time to come to WOW Classic, even if you have played the past version, and some guidance from experienced players is really needed, such as how to level up rapidly like Jokerd.

A gnome mage is a pretty good class for your adventure, besides, there are some other classes that can help you level up, such as Druid, Warlock and Hunter.

The power of the team will bring you greater help, if you can invite friends to play games, you are recommended to choose the best combine classes to get the most progress, such as Priest+ Warrior, Mage+ Mage, Hunter+ Hunter and more combination.

The dungeons are the fastest places to level up, here you must complete various tasks to gain experience, kill the horrible monsters, you will get rewarded.

As the level increasing, the monsters you encounter are more and more powerful, some WOW Classic Gold can be used as investment to purchase more advanced weapons. Never share all what you know to everyone, you should keep a unique set of strategies and guidance for your characters to level up. is committed to offering various WOW Classic products, like World of Warcraft Classic gold, items, powerleveling and so on. Competitive prices, 100% safety and fast delivery, as well as the considerate 24/7 Live Help will definitely make us the best choice when you need anything in game. And all our customers can be absolutely well served whenever you come to our store.
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Zalcano is a skilling boss, mostly centered around mining, that’s imprisoned underneath the city of Prifddinas. This is also one of the few multi-skill bosses that cannot be killed using combat. You will get a mix of rs3 gold Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting experience during the fight.

She was involved with the god wars and is related to Skotizo, and ventured to Tirannwn to search for her brother. She was imprisoned in her volcanic cell to be studied and contained. You may access her cell in the Southeastern part of the city.

In terms of profitability, many players have compared it to Zulrah before it was buffed. It consistently drops large stacks of bars, ores, runes, and gems, which benefit ironmen and mains alike. There is also the rare chance to receive a Crystal Tool Seed to create crystal pickaxes, hatchets, and harpoons.

Reaching Zalcano’s prison is quite easy as it’s in the town and near a bank. He is trapped in a spacious jail cell that has multiple rock formations, a furnace, and a Seren altar.

Boss Fight Strategy

This fight will have you running around a lot so stamina potions or full Graceful is a requirement. Be sure to bring Saradomin Brews for food since you want to free up space in your inventory to handle multiple runs.

As weapons have no use against Zalcano, players must bring their best pickaxe to mine Tephra from one of the rock formations. Each rock formation will have a noticeable glow, which indicates which one players should mine from. The boss may fire a magic blast towards a new rock, which indicates where players have to move to mine.

Players will have to avoid boulders falling from the ceiling (triggered by his stomp), red energy balls, and barrages of pebbles. Once Zalcano has fallen, players need to keep away until she gets back up or they will take damage. She will also have a phase that spawns red and blue demonic patterns, in which the red ones will cause damage to players.

It would be most efficient to start in one of the northern corners to mine tephra and gather a minimum of 3. The amount you mine is random and using the bonus for multiple ores from the Mining cape and Varrock Armour is highly useful. Moving on from the rock to the furnace should be a priority for this phase.

A dash to the eastern side of the prison, while dodging the aforementioned attacks, you will smith the tephra into refined tephra. A dash to the Seren altar will then allow you to runecraft the tephra into imbued tephra, readying you for the final attack.

If there are demon patterns on the ground, you should stand on the blue ones as it increases the damage and accuracy of throwing you tephra at the boss. If not, you should still swiftly throw your tephra to take her down. She should go down near instantly in a full world. Once the boss is weakened, you will mine it (while gaining experience) and takedown it’s real health bar. If your group is sufficient enough, you only have to repeat this for a few rounds to get the loot.

While most words are populated, World 378 has become the de-facto world for players to congregate. You don’t need to create raid parties so players can just jump in for the fight, which is similar to Wintertodt.

The best-known setup is the crystal pickaxe (which requires charges), Varrock Armour 4, a Mining Cape and any weight reducing gear in the rest of the slots available. If you plan on using tick manipulation, you may fare just fine with a Dragon or Rune pickaxe.

Notes for Ironmen:

For hardcore ironmen wanting to farm this boss for resources, it should be noted that it is not a safe mini-game death and you will lose your rank. On the day of release, the rank 31 HCIM had lost his rank by testing out the boss’s mechanics, and many other lower-ranked HCIM as well.

For ultimate ironmen having issues managing inventory space, there is a furnace and anvil within proximity to the bank and general store. You may smith all bars, ores and optionally sell them to vendors to liquidate Zalcano drops.

1.5-tick Manipulation

The initial mining phase of the boss works similarly to mining rune essence. Because of this, players have taken note and tried the same 1.5-tick manipulation method to get double ores, making this phase nearly instant before running over to the smithing phase.

This involves taking a Guam leaf, swamp tar, and a pestle & mortar and interrupting the process between a click on an object. It takes some practice to time it right, but it will allow you to complete actions instantly and increasing your activity rating during the boss.

It turns out that 1.5t works on every phase of the boss, so efficient players have been grabbing the MVP on most kills in worlds full of noobs. This has become an issue as players believe this is an unintended mechanic, but it makes the boss more rewarding for those willing to put in more effort.

Getting The Pet

The drop rate for Smolcano (the Zolcano pet) has been relatively unknown, but according to Mod Ed, only the MVP has the chance to get it. This adds another layer to the rarity and difficulty of obtaining the pet, and it will likely be mostly efficient tick-manipulating players who get it.

Wrapping Things Up

Zalcano is a relatively easy boss once you get the hang of it, and fighting in a populated world makes it a rather safe boss fight. There have been reports of efficient players making up to 5 million runescape gold per hour, so don’t be surprised if Zolcano gets nerfed soon. This is considerably easier than other end-game bosses in the game, so there is no excuse not to do the new quest and take advantage of it. Thank you for reading, more guides in!

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The best weapons of level 1-20 should be Cruel Barb and Thief's Blade. If you can get these two weapons at around level 20, there will be no enemies and monsters blocking you if the levels are not much different. You will be very successful on the road to upgrade. Since The Deadmines is located in the Westfall of Alliance, it may be a lot of trouble for Horde players to come to this Dungeons.

At 25-30, you can team up to Blackfathom Deeps to complete the Water Element mission and get a powerful weapon - Outlaw Sabre. If you don't want to enter Dungeons, buy a 26-level blue weapon - The Butcher via AH, or wait until level 29 to purchase the Zealot Blade.

At around level 30, killing the undead in Duskwood's cellar is a very good choice, refreshing fast, not running away, without any skill. You can go up to level 32 here and go somewhere else.

Regarding the upgraded map, Stranglethorn Vale is not the best choice. There are too many battles in the camp. It will not only affect your upgrade efficiency, but also affect your emotions. Please escape from this chaotic place. This is a very pertinent suggestion.

Level 35 - Level 42 We can choose Desolace to kill Centaur, or to kill the crocodile in Swamp of Sorrows.

At 41,42, congratulations, you are not a trumpet, even a 60-level player, it is impossible to kill you easily. At the same time, Blizzard also prepared a few special gifts, which are rewarded by Razorfen Downs and Scarlet Monastery, two very powerful weapons, Vanquisher's Sword and Sword of Serenity.

Although the speed of these two weapons is very fast, it is not suitable for the main hand, but their properties are good, it is enough to kill the monster upgrade.

So soon you can reach level 45. At this critical moment, please go to Desolace to accept the mission immediately. Horde's mission is at Selendra at the gate of the village. The mission of Alliance is in Keeper Marandis in the post. This mission is finally Let the players team up to Maraudon, kill Princess Theradras, reward a Thrash Blade that can use the 60th level of the main hand weapon, and then quickly complete the tasks of Feralas, Tanaris and Searing Gorge and you can reach level 50.

There are many routes to choose from after level 50, Un'Goro Crater, Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Felwood, Winterspring, Burning Steppes. Each map has a lot of quests, and then a few times Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire, to clear the elite missions in Dungeons, and by the way, you can quickly reach level 60.

This period of 50-60 is very crucial. There are a lot of things to do in Dungeons. There are a lot of Dungeons in level 60 that need to be opened, such as the upper layer of Blackrock Spire, we need to collect 4 gems in the lower level of all customs clearance, the gems are not 100% drop. In addition, when entering Blackrock Depths, you can pay attention to the task of saving the princess and the task of saving the marshal. By the way, you can do the opening task of The Molten Core. Blackrock Depths is a hub for a large number of Dungeons predecessors and is a very important Dungeons for Rogue.

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