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Full Version: General rules
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Here GPway discussion forum is a place for game lovers to discuss and share about gaming. Trying to build a place where all can get more fun and knowledge whether expert or newbies.

Please make all posts clear and easy to read.
  • Respect all fellow members and staff, it helps to keep GPway a friendly environment.
  • You can get only one account, there is no need of multiple accounts.
  • Do not ask members to give you positive feedback. Lead to temporary ban if caught doing.
  • You may not leave negative feedback to people you never had a deal with.
  • You may advertise anything in your signature, keep it clean. No forbidden words.
  • You may not sell/rent your signature space.
  • You may not sell your account.
  • You may not sell/rent your social/financial/digital wallet/Virtual Credit Card here.
  • You can not have duplicate topic.
  • URL shortening services are not allowed.