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WoW Cooking Leveling Guide
Now, back to the guide - leveling cooking is tedious. Anyone who levels up any profession, should always optimize their leveling speed. And by optimize, we mean - use as little resources as possible to efficiently level up and at the same time keep up a good pace. And since you need to buy wow classic gold cheap actually cook to gain some cooking profession levels, you should know what you should craft, which ingredients you will need, how to actually get them, and how many of them you will have to use.

Level 1 - Level 35

34 x Mon’Dazi

10 Wild Flour

5 Foosaka

2 Aromatic Fish Oil

4 Powdered Sugar

Rank 1 dish. Quite easy to make. All it takes is some reagents that you can purchase off vendors, and Aromatic Fish Oil that you can get from any fish. You will have to need some kind of fish income, be it on the Auction House or by Fishing. Truth is, if you want to get into cooking seriously, Fishing will be a major addition to your professions. Aromatic Fish Oil can be extracted from any fish, simply right-click the fish in your inventory, and you will get it.

Ultimately, to level up to Level 35, you will need to cook about 34 x Mon’Dazi. For that you will need about 340 Wild Flour, 170 Foosaka, 68 Aromatic Wish Oil, and 136 Powdered Sugar. Create those up until Level 35 and you will be ready to proceed to the next step.

Level 35 - Level 50

15 x Kul Tiramisu

10 Wild Flour

5 Foosaka

2 Aromatic Fish Oil

5 Major’s Frothy Coffee

This is a Rank 2 recipe, and you will be able to learn it from your Cooking Trainer. Same idea as the previous recipe, some reagents that can be purchased from NPCs, and some Aromatic Fish Oil. You don’t have to learn this exact dish, you can pick any Rank 2 Dessert from your training NPC and you’ll be good to go.Create about 15 of them. As long as you hit Level 50, you are good to go. Let’s proceed to the next step.

Level 50 - Level 75

25 x Seasoned Loins

10 Stringy Loins

5 Foosaka

Your standard “Rank 2 reagent + something you have to work for” combo. It’s the first leveling recipe that you will have to work for slightly harder if you don’t have the sufficient gold. This is because you will have to grind for them if they are not on the market. Thankfully, Stringy Loins drop from a multitude of mobs around the World of Warcraft, and you can easily purchase it off marketplace from other players.

In theory, you can keep doing a previous dish - Kul Tiramisu - up to a level 75. But your decision should be dependant on the market, prices of reagents that can’t be bought from NPC Vendors, and on the accessibility of ingredients. For example, if it’s easier for you (or cheaper) to get a large package of Aromatic Fish Oil, and Stringy Loins are simply too expensive, you should absolutely consider spamming Kul Tiramisu up to Level 75.And if you would like to create something different, you might also consider cooking one of these dishes up to Level 75:

25 x Honey-Glazed Haunches

10 Meaty Haunch

5 Choral Honey

25 x Sailor’s Pie

10 Briny Flesh

5 Wild Flour

4 Foosaka

4 Fresh Potato

If these two Rank 2 recipes appear to be much cheaper than Seasoned Loins - craft these instead. The choice is yours.

Level 75 - Level 140

This one is the longest and possibly the most boring bracket, as you will cook the same three things that you’ve used to level up to Level 75 Cooking. You will craft Sailor’s Pie, Honey-Glazed Haunches, and Seasoned Loin all over again. You will need a lot of materials to get to level 140. It takes 120 of one of these recipes to hit 140, and sometimes - you will need even more as you can get really unlucky with leveling professions in WoW. Especially when you really want to reach it as fast as possible.You can also to try and learn Rank 3 recipes of these 3 dishes. This way, you will be able to reliably reach level 150, and then - it will be just 25 more levels to go.

Level 140 - Level 175

Final bracket of your cooking journey and the beginning of cooking some serious cuisine that will be used by many people during raids and other more demanding parts of WoW’s content. Road to 175 is simple, as you will most likely cook one dish.

40 x Abyssal-Fried Rissole

8 Moist Fillet

3 Foosaka

5 Wild Flour

While you will need to create only about 40 of them, there’s a slight catch. First, you will need to create a bunch of Rank 1: Abyssal-Fried Rissole, to then switch to Rank 2 of this dish when you reach Level 155. And then - it’s a straight road towards max level 175.

To create these dishes you will also need to meet a special NPC from Nazjatar. Depending on your faction, you will have to meet Instructor Ulooaka (Alliance), or Rolm (Horde). And to get to meet them properly and learn the recipes, you will have to do some entry quests in Nazjatar.

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