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are you which playing? games currently

Which games are you currently playing?
What are some games that you are currently playing? The only game I've really played lately is World of Warcraft. I have Sims 4 on my computer which I will open on occasion but I haven't really played it much since I bought it. It is a lot of fun, though.
I play on my android phone do not have any games installed on my PC. This time I have few games ...SIMs Free Play http://www.gpway.net/Thread-The-sims-free-play

Not all the time, actually SIMs Free Play is sometimes boring. You have to wait and some time waiting to complete any tasks is not possible especially when you have other real life tasks to complete before competing to game world tasks. So I stop continuous playing.

I also have other games I play Every Town
Gaming is fun, so I also look for some easy playing games http://www.gpway.net/Thread-Zombie-games...oid-phones

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