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wb games kids for

WB games for kids
As you know Warner Bros cartoon characters are so famous and loved by many children.

There are few kids games you can recommend to your kids.
If you are unable to find kids games one is here. The one most loved by kids, cute characters from their favorite TV shows.

Warner Bros. TV characters in gaming for everyone. Online games that are so loved by children.

This is an amazing site for kids where they can find all amazing contents by WB.
Video, Games, Comic, Download files.

Site is www.wbkidsgo.com

[Image: OAxVoFb.png]

Tom and Jerry target practice game for kids.
Play it online.

[Image: f1c4pK2.png]
I cannot really find WB stuff anywhere at all nowadays.  It seems like it's been banished.  It's because culture is too politically correct.  Note, the WB stuff is massively violent, in a cartoon sense.    For instance, you have Marvin the Martian threatening to demolish the Earth and you have Tom trying to eat Jerry.  Smile

Anyway, I could be wrong, but I just don't see those cartoons much on TV.
I watched most of the kids playing WB games.

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