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series? gaming

Gaming series?
Do you have a favorite gaming series? 

Mine is Mario Kart.  I've always enjoyed that, especially when I play that with someone else.  It's always more fun when you involve more people (not that it isn't fun when you play by yourself).
I played some PC games such as racing and some old default games on the desktop.

Now I play on the android phone, I play to score more. I must say I do not have favorite games or possibly I have not played many games.

I have some Endless runner games, Zombie Tsunami,
Hill Climbing.

The SIMs free play and Every Town are two games I play these days and only EveryTown is actively now.

Like to play driving games - Dr. Driving, puzzle games - River Crossing IQ

So, no favorite game series but like some games. I played Super Mario Bros in my school time.

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